Principal's Message



Dear Families,  

 As the voice of P.S. 154, Ms. Gathers-Bullard instills a love for learning and a sense of confidence in all children. The school’s mantra is "Access Creates Opportunity". The mission is to engage all students and to foster a love for learning that is reflected in the school environment. We teach students to develop a passion as well as understanding for their community and provide students with the knowledge to be future leaders. This is accomplished by embracing cultural differences, supporting one another’s creativity, developing ones’ self-awareness and employing a multitude of teaching strategies to help students become critical thinkers and life-long learners. By working collaboratively with parents, each child will develop a love and a desire for reading, be able to write for multiple purposes, develop the ability to understand as well as solve mathematical problems, be capable of using and integrating technology into his/her work and experience the Arts.​

 P.S. 154, is dedicated to developing student confidence, career skills, interests and leadership abilities through enrichment activities, clubs, and programs such as:

  • Green Team; Basketball and Cheerleading Team; Student Council and Select Choir
  • A Theater Program is offered for fifth grade students in partnership with the local middle school. Through this partnership, all of the fifth grade students are empowered to take on leadership roles in the production of an annual theatrical Roles fulfilled include but not limited to: acting, lighting, sound, props, choreography and set design.


  • The school also provides a range of enrichment and arts opportunities through ongoing partnerships with Education Through Music, Lego Robotics, Music for Many, Cool Culture and Korea Taekwondo.


These activities have not only engaged the school community, but have awarded opportunities to participate and be recognized in Citywide Recycling Competitions and music events. They also provide an avenue for parent involvement and support in growing children's abilities and interests.


Parents are important partners in the work to support all students. P.S. 154Q’s doors are open to parents through invitations to concerts, award ceremonies, family nights, and curriculum workshops. During the First Friday of the month, parents are always invited to visit their child’s classroom to participate in a learning activity. After the classroom visit, parents are welcome to join staff members in the auditorium for a workshop.  The workshop aligns with the classroom lesson to deepen the parents’ understandings of the content/strategy and provide them with valuable resources they could use at home with their children. In additional to First Friday, quality time is encouraged for families through Open Gym and Library/Technology After-School Programs.

Working collaboratively with the Parent Teacher’s Association Organization (PTA), we will make sure that we offer opportunities and activities to include the entire school community. Your thoughts and ideas are valuable to us and we want to hear them. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We strongly believe that your involvement and contributions will play a positive role that will enrich your child’s school experience. As a collaborative team of educators, we are here to serve the academic, social and emotional needs of your children.

Educationally yours,


Pamela Gathers-Bullard,