Our mission is to engage all students in a learning environment that fosters a love for learning, teaches students to develop a passion and understanding for their community and provides students with the knowledge to be future leaders.  We do this by embracing our cultural differences, supporting one another’s creativity, developing ones self-awareness and employing a multitude of teaching strategies to help students become critical thinkers and life-long learners.  By working collaboratively with parents we will ensure that each child develops a love and a desire for reading, are able to write for multiple purposes, develop the ability to understand and solve mathematical problems, are capable of using and integrating technology into their work and experience the Arts.

Changing Preferences - • You can use this form to choose fully remote or blended learning

The Learning Preference Survey has been updated to allow families to select BLENDED LEARNING. This option will be available through April 7.

Families who wish to return to in-person learning MUST complete the Learning Preference Survey and select BLENDED LEARNING by April 7.

Families should not wait. If they are having trouble, you will need time to assist them.


April Spirit Days



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Parent Coordinator - Mr. Mario Arciniega

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P.S. 154 - Child Information 2020-2021

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P.S. 154 PARENT HAND BOOK 2020-2021

Additional Resources for Accessing COVID-19 Test Results

Mandatory in-school testing is part of the Department of Education’s comprehensive effort to keep school communities healthy and safe, and ensure our school buildings remain open. Find citywide and borough-wide testing data below, as well as information for specific schools.

Please see  COVID-19 Testing Results - Information for Families

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5th Grade Middle School Application process Information

All 5th grade families should have received a “Welcome Letter” in the mail from the Office of Student Enrollment. In that letter there is “Creation Code” which allows parents to create an account to complete and submit their child’s Middle School application. Please know your child’s 9-digit OSIS # which is also necessary for you to input to complete this process. The OSIS # will be on a report card or you can ask your child’s teacher for that information. Once you create an account, you will be able to access the MS application, which is now open. The system will close early in February, so there is a short turn around for your child’s application to be completed. 

If you have not received a Welcome Letter or have questions, reach out to Cami Meyer, school counselor, at cmeyer@schools.nyc.gov. Please note: Welcome letters were mailed to the address that the DOE presently has on record. If you have a new address and you are unsure if the school is updated with it, please call Ms. DiMisa, school secretary. Ms. DiMisa is the person who has access to updating students’ personal information. Our school phone # is 718 591 1500. 

Reminder: It’s a great idea to explore the middle school directory which can be found on the link below. It is important to remember that we are a part of District 25 and our student can access and apply to all Middle Schools within District 25, as well as a few others which are open to all NYC 5th graders. Schools have priority admission so check to see if choices are appropriate and available. 

Please visit the DOE’s webpage for more information, directions, lists of Middle Schools and a helpful video: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/middle-school 

PRE-K Application Opens February 24, 2021

In New York City, children begin Pre-K in the calendar year they turn four. If you have a child born in 2017, you will apply to Pre-K this winter and your child will begin Pre-K in September 2021.

The Pre-K application will open on February 24, 2021, and the deadline to apply is April 7. 

for more information go the link below.

Pre-K Information

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