Assistant Principal Message


Assistant Principal's Message



Dear PS 154 School Community,


I am very happy to serve as PS 154’s Assistant Principal.I am a firm believer that a successful school is one that supports he whole student -  socially, emotionally and academically.  

PS 154 is an outstanding school comprised of hardworking students, dynamic teachers and staff, as well as caring and supportive parents. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful community.

 As an administrator, I love supporting both the teaching and learning process. I am able to witness students acquire the

necessary skills to help them flourish as happy, successful and responsible citizens. As educators, we have a direct impact on

student success, and I am proud to support the vision of PS 154Q in which we prepare students to be inquisitive learners by providing them with multiple access points to the curriculum creating opportunities for learning beyond the text. Students are exposed to twenty-first century learning skills such as collaboration, critical and creative thinking, communication, global citizenship and innovation. Strong character education is emphasized as students are encouraged to express themselves as unique individuals and valued members of our community. Our collaborative work focuses on developing these skills and helping students to make choices that promote respectful, responsible, and kind behaviors.

 As students grow, it is important that they are encouraged to persevere. Personal success comes from working hard, both inside and outside of the classroom. Strong work habits, 100% attendance and positive character attributes directly to success. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with all members of the school community in order to continue to foster a positive school climate where staff and students achieve personal success.



Joanna Foulkes